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How Receiving Health Care Through Your Pregnancy Can Help You Avoid Complications

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Every year around 700 women die from complications around pregnancy and that risk triples if you are an African American, American Indian or Alaska Native woman.

Because women can experience complications before, during or after pregnancy it is important that they receive health care throughout all stages.


Women should talk to their doctor about any condition they have or medications they are currently taking. A doctor could want to change how some women currently manage their health. It is also important to remember to share any complications experienced during a previous pregnancy. If complications do arise while getting good prenatal care, it is more likely to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.


During pregnancy, women should have consistent communication with their doctor. Symptoms of pregnancy can vary from women to women and some may not know what a normal side effect or an abnormal side effect is. Communicating with a doctor, women can put their fears to rest or get help quickly. Doctors will also guide women on healthy nutrition and activity levels to have while pregnant.

After delivery

Postpartum begins after delivery and usually takes between six to eight weeks. Mothers should take good care of themselves to rebuild strength. This involves a healthy diet and plenty of rest.
Postpartum care

  • See your doctor for your checkup after delivery.
  • Pay attention to your body and tell your doctor if you have any depression, heavy bleeding, pain while urinating or severe pain in your lower stomach.

Women having a good relationship with the doctors closely monitoring their health is important. By having good health care women can have a safe and happy pregnancy resulting in a healthy baby.

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