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Create a Home Gym for Way Less Than You Think

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Being able to get a workout in at home can be crucial to sticking to your fitness goals.

So why don’t more people have a home gym? One of the big reasons is that it’s overwhelming to imagine setting one up. Buying lots of equipment like a treadmill, weights, yoga mat and more can seem completely unattainable. And who has the space for all of that? Here’s the thing: It’s easier than you think to create a gym in your home – no hefty budget or huge empty room needed.

  1. Find an area you can dedicate to your workouts. This doesn’t have to be one room dedicated solely to workout equipment. You just need some floor space in your office, a spare bedroom or a corner of your living room. The most important thing is that you have enough room to move around and you don’t feel self-conscious exercising there.
  2. Make it your own and remove the clutter. Once you pick your spot, make the space as airy and relaxing as possible. One way to do this is by adding a lamp (or choosing a spot by a window), plants and mirrors. Making your workout space brighter can help boost your energy levels, plants will increase oxygen in the air and the mirrors will make you feel less cramped (and help you see if you have correct form). It’s also important to make sure you de-clutter your space. This will keep you from knocking into something in the middle of a workout while also letting you feel more relaxed and avoid the potential for injury.
  3. Start with a few low-cost pieces of equipment. You don’t need to immediately go buy the latest elliptical or big weight machines. You can get in a great total-body workout without those items. Start with a few pieces of inexpensive equipment like foam rollers, jump ropes, resistance bands or a few dumbbells. If you’re looking for ways to use this equipment and elevate your home workout, check out this blog. A bonus to starting with just a few items: They can be easily stowed in a basket when you aren’t using them.

Do you have a home gym? Let us know what equipment you consider must-haves in the comments below!

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