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How to Find the Right Yoga Studio for You

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I love yoga. The funny part is, I can’t believe I just wrote that.

In my early 20s, I thought yoga was pointless. I would go to classes and I couldn’t take it seriously. I would silently laugh at the practice for most of the class. I had no idea there were amazing benefits for both the mind and body.

I wrote yoga off as silly and tried many other kinds of fitness routines, never finding the one that worked best for me. As life went on, stress increased in different ways and I gave yoga another try. This time, I was in the right place to understand the benefits of yoga and I started to really enjoy practicing.

Each week I can’t wait for my scheduled classes and I have never felt that way about a workout. One of the reasons I can’t wait for yoga class is because I love my studio, but it took a while to find the right fit. Not only are there a lot of different studios around, there are also a lot of different kinds, from goat yoga to hot yoga. Below are some of the things you should think about it you’re looking to find a yoga studio:

  • Consider why you’re practicing – With so many types of yoga out there, it’s important to figure out if you’d like to practice yoga for exercise, mental health, social reasons, etc. This will help you determine which kind of studio to try.
  • Think about your needs – Would you prefer a community or more personalized feel? Do you want to talk to the teachers? Do you want to be pushed or prefer a softer approach? These things are good to pay attention to when trying a studio.
  • Shop around – Most yoga studios allow you to try a class for free and even try a month at a discounted rate. You probably won’t know what you’re looking for until you give a few different studios a try.
  • Meet the teachers – As you’re trying out different studios, make sure to tell the teachers you’re new. They can be helpful in suggesting different classes to try that might be right for you.
  • Be mindful – Yoga is all about mindfulness and it’s helpful to be mindful as you try out different studios. Pay attention to how you feel before and after class. The class should be challenging, but also shouldn’t push you past your limits. Sometimes even the music choices can make or break your opinion. When you leave, do you feel refreshed?

The way I knew I was the at the right studio? I wanted to go to class again and again. My favorite studio is very welcoming and open to beginners. The teachers are willing to help with modifications and infuse positive talk into each of their classes. Classes are also physically challenging, with lots of fun and unexpected music tuned to the flows. The combo of positive talk and physical challenge was perfect for what I was looking for in a yoga class.

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